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You want your organization to be a leader in customer experience.

You oversee a massive front line, and it’s frustrating because everyone has a different definition of what a world-class Customer Experience looks like. You know that if you could just figure out how to align your teams, you would be able to take your organization to the next level. I understand! I’ve been in your shoes, and I can help. 

For over 17 years I have dedicated my career to helping organizations just like yours achieve a world-class Customer Experience. As a result, I have pinpointed the formula on exactly what you will need to deliver superior service that will differentiate you from the competition. Not only will I show you how to increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty but I will also help you enhance employee engagement and retention.   



Hi, I’m Jahaan Blake.  



It all started 20 years ago at my first baseball game. It was the Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees at Fenway Park! It was that very day that my passion for this industry started.

Here’s the thing, I remember everything about that game. I remember the ticket takers and their accents, the beer guy teasing me for being from New Jersey and even how nice the ushers were. Today, I still remember how every Red Sox employee made me feel. They all made sure I had a memorable experience. What I don’t remember is who won the game that day.

What does this tell you?

A best-in-class Customer Experience makes a lasting impression that leads to loyal customers. It starts and ends with your front line staff.

When I went into that baseball game, I wasn’t a baseball fan. But because each employee I interacted with treated me like I was a lifetime season ticket holder, I walked out a raving fan. They were able to turn a non-baseball fan into a Red Sox Fanatic. That was over 20 years ago, and I still go back to Fenway Park. Just imagine what an exceptional Customer Experience could mean for your company.

My Story

It’s true, my passion for Customer Experience started with my first baseball game. And once I graduated college, I moved to Boston and landed a job with the Boston Red Sox. I was starting my career in Customer Experience with the team that started my passion in the first place. I got the opportunity to work directly with a company who could take a non-baseball fan and turn them into a baseball fanatic.

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I’ve worked with three major market teams: The Boston Red Sox, The Los Angeles Dodgers, and The Chicago Cubs. I cracked the code on what was needed for each team to deliver a consistent world-class Customer Experience. 17 years and 2 World Championships later, I knew that I wanted to share this code across industries with leaders like you. That’s why I created The J. Blake Group. When we work together, I will help you maximize your team's ability to deliver on your brand promise. As a result, you will have a world-class Customer Experience that will put your organization on the map as an industry leader.


Are you ready?

I can’t wait to talk to you.